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Dear Sara Shares Hypnotic Tune “Do Better”

After a break up, we all hope our ex’s next partner can’t compare to ourselves as a coping mechanism while also attempting to get over our feelings. Swedish artist Dear Sara projects these petty, yet reassuring, sentiments on her newest tune “Do Better.”

Consisting of slightly distorted production and a guitar driven melody, “Do Better” accentuates the artist’s unique sound and distinctive voice. The steady groove makes room for Dear Sara’s playful lyrics, such as “too bad you can’t do better, I guess that’s kinda cute” and “I’m right here behind to drive you crazy.” Each line is delivered with the sweet and smokey timbre of her voice, making you feel hypnotized by her sound. The tune, surprisingly, doesn’t come from personal experience. Though the song carries a relatable edge, Dear Sara shares:

“Ever since I was little, I’ve had a very vivid imagination. I’ve always enjoyed writing and coming up with stories. ‘Do Better’ is not about anything I’ve experienced personally, but more of a ”what if” kind of thought experiment.”

Sara grew up on the northern border of Sweden, in a household of reindeer keepers. She’s part of an indigenous group called the Sámis, a native minority based in Sápmi – an area in the northern parts of Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Russia’s Kola peninsula. Sara’s dreams and talent took her all the way to Atlanta and LA, where she learnt a lot about herself while collaborating with producers and songwriters in the music industry. In 2020 she teamed up with FEM. and Northbound Music Group and debuted as the lead singer on JIM OUMA’s rebellious single “Kids” featuring UK dancehall queen Alicaì Harley. The catchy song was shared by numerous media sites and has been used in 1400 videos created by TikTokers all over the world.

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