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Dee Holt and Chris James Release Their Newest Chill Pop-Jam, "Picture."

Updated: May 17, 2022

Looking for a new and refreshing pop song that captures the carefree nature of young love? Well, look no further. Dee Holt and Chris James newest release, “Picture,” is just that and more.

“Picture” talks about feeling young and in love and just wanting to capture that feeling with a picture. It discusses being in a romance so good that a picture may be the only way to immortalize that fleeting, yet incredible, emotion that comes with infatuation.

“Picture” also highlights the fact that “less is more” when it comes to making infectious pop bangers. The lyrics are simple and to the point. Listeners are sure to relate to the lyrics when reminiscing on their own experiences.

Despite being only eighteen years-old, Dee Holt sings with confidence and ease like that of an industry pro. Her voice is light and airy, yet smooth and full, making it perfect for “Pictures’'' upbeat and minimalist production. “Picture” is filled with cheery guitar melodies and a chill dance beat that is perfect ear candy for listeners.

Chris James jumps on the track and adds a deep tone and color to the song with his voice, which is what allows “Picture” to feel so balanced and harmonious. He acts as the male partner in the storyline Dee Holt and he sings about.

This creative choice to make “Picture” a duet allows listeners to let go and ease into the storyline both artists have created. Together, both Dee Holt and Chris James compliment each other with soaring melodies and match each other’s energy in their tone and mood.

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