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dee holt Drops Sassy New Single "make a move"

Montreal's alt-pop luminary, Dee Holt, once again mesmerizes audiences with her latest single, "Make a Move," marking the dawn of a thrilling new chapter in her career. Following the acclaim of her previous EPs and captivating performances, Dee unveils a track that beckons listeners to embrace change and step beyond their comfort zones. On "Make a Move," Dee's vocals exude newfound confidence, intertwining seamlessly with the infectious rhythm of reggae-style guitar and pulsating drums. Accompanied by a lyric video adorned with Dee's signature animated illustrations, the song immerses listeners in her artistic universe, where every beat and lyric resonates with authenticity and passion.

Dee Holt's journey as an artist is as remarkable as her music itself, steeped in a lifelong immersion in creativity. From the tender moments of singing along to her father's guitar in VHS home videos to the pivotal performance that ignited her career, Dee's trajectory embodies the transformative power of passion and talent. As she reflects on her musical odyssey, Dee acknowledges the support and encouragement from her loved ones, underscoring the personal significance of her artistic endeavors. With each note and brushstroke, Dee infuses her artistry with sincerity and vulnerability, inviting audiences into a world where authenticity reigns supreme.

As Dee Holt prepares to grace the stage at the prestigious Sommo Festival alongside acclaimed artists, her ascent to the forefront of the music scene is undeniable. With a blend of infectious melodies and profound lyricism, "Make a Move" stands as a testament to Dee's evolution as an artist and her unwavering commitment to self-expression. As she embarks on this exciting new era, one thing is certain: Dee Holt's magnetic presence and boundless creativity will continue to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the alt-pop landscape. So, heed Dee's call, embrace the unknown, and make your move into her enchanting musical realm.

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