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Devin Kennedy Muses Words of Pure Love on “Hurt U”

Falling in love can put you in a world of bliss and pain. Sometimes, you find someone so perfect that you’d do anything to make sure they never experience suffering. This sentiment is illustrated on Devin Kennedy’s new song “Hurt U.”

Laced with relatable lyric details and a beautiful soundscape, the tune is like a snapshot of love in its purest form. The simple piano introduces a lullaby feeling to the tune carries throughout, while the song eventually bursts into a shimmering and vulnerable piece of art. Lyrics like “come and kiss me with your sleep eyes” and “cuz you gave me your heart–I could break it, but it tears me apart just to say it” help deliver Kennedy’s impassioned feelings of love and tenderness. In regards to the tune, Kennedy declares:

“’Hurt U’ is one of the most honest and genuine songs I’ve ever been a part of. My co-writers and I set out to create a whole world within this track, including specific lyrical details that are relevant to my life. The story we’re telling here is the experience of falling so in love with someone that you would bend over backward to make sure that they’re comfortable and content. This is about that person who you connect with so deeply that you know there’s nothing that could ever happen to change how you feel about them.”

Devin Kennedy is a singer-songwriter and producer from Los Angeles, CA. Raised in a musical household, Devin started playing drums, guitar, and bass all before the age of 10. Devin graduated from Berklee College of Music, where he combined his passion for writing and producing in multiple genres into a unique brand of left-of-center, California sad-pop that has become his trademark.

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