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Devin Kennedy Releases ‘Love Language’ EP

For some people, music is in your bones.  Growing up in a musical family is often a beautiful thing, allowing artists to hone their craft from nearly the day they are born.

LA based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Devin Kennedy is one such artist.  Devin comes from musical family, with a grandfather who was an accomplished classical pianist and a father who produced television and theatrical music.  A life long musician, Devin continues his push as an artist, studying at acclaimed Berklee College of Music.

Devin released his debut EP, “No Boundaries”, in late 2016 and has just followed up with a new project, “Love Language”, that dropped on 2/9.  The new EP was written, produced and performed by Devin Kennedy and sees the artist delivering quality tunes that blend influences from his entire life.  While the project leans a bit Pop, there are also tastes of R&B, Funk, Soul and Alternative.  

While this may be my personal fav, the whole project is solid from front to back.  Check it out in full below and come to your own conclusions.  Press play and let it vibe.

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