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Devin Kennedy Searches For His Worth In “Loose Change”

Sometimes, we lose sight in who we are and begin to feel down and useless. Thoughts like this don’t belong in our heads and it requires daily affirmations to remind ourselves how valuable we are in this world. Devin Kennedy embodies this feeling in his new single “Loose Change.”

Kennedy’s new song errs on the suspended feeling of limbo; a place we enter when we’re caught in between reality and lost in thought. Professing he hopes this feeling is “probably just a bad dream” that he’ll wake up from, Kennedy is bogged down by this hot and cold dynamic. Trying to deter the thought that he’s a useless pocket full of coins, he understands that he can change these bad thoughts and see himself for his full worth.

Kennedy is set on changing his mindset to a “glass half full” mentality. See loose change? Pick it up! It’s worth more than you think.

New fans continue to fall in love with Devin’s unique brand of left-of-center, California sad-pop including recently-released tracks “Deep Shit” and “No Parachute”, which while having it’s viral moment on TikTok quickly landed a spot on Shazam’s coveted “Best New Music Weekly” playlist. In April 2020, Devin performed on Elvis Duran’s “Stay At Home Ball” and his recent releases include writing and producing singles for Ben Platt, Alex Aiono, James Maslow (Big Time Rush) and more.

Photo credit: Alexander Bemis

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