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Devin Kennedy Shines On New Single ‘Feel the Same’

Devin Kennedy makes a triumphant return to RockDafuqOut with his new single, “Feel the Same”.  While it was less than a year ago that we brought you his debut EP, “Love Language”, Devin has been relatively quiet since – but it seems there is a whole lot more to come.

While his new single may represent the next step for him as a recent budding solo artist, his musical journey started nearly a lifetime ago.  Born into a family of musicians, Devin taught himself to play drums, guitar, bass and piano at a young age.  While he may have written some songs here and there as a child, it wasn’t until he was accepted into renowned Berkelee College of Music that he decided to kick things up a notch.  Now, as a recent grad, Devin Kennedy is continuing to wow audiences with every release.

With his dynamic vocals and accessible lyrics at the forefront, the production finds a perfect blend of acoustic and electronic elements and also features a John Mayer inspired guitar solo to add a bit of finesse.  Slick drum programming mixes with vibrant guitar melodies, funky basslines and an undeniable groove, all coming together to create my personal favorite release from Devin Kennedy so far.

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