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Devon Forges Her Own Path With ‘Sitting Up Straight’ EP

Pulling in bits of pop and mixing it with edgy pieces of rock, Devon has set herself in a new lane. Her new EP Sitting Up Straight demonstrates the singer-songwriter’s ability to craft an alt-pop sensation.

Ladened with ambient percussive elements and nail biting guitar solos, Sitting Up Straight explores the in’s and out’s of pop and rock. The first track “Just Begun” explains the perks of being with someone though they possess undesirable qualities. Said person may “not [be] the one,” but the lively production emulates the anticipation behind the unknown of the relationship.

The next song “Want to Know” expresses the need to know more about a person, even if that means Devon may have to spill her secrets because she “really wants this.” This uplifting tune moves into the humble “Careful,” where Devon expresses caution to her partner, telling them to watch their actions because the next slip up may mean the end of their relationship, though she’s “not afraid to be alone.”

“Never Mind” and “I Won’t” showcase Devon’s clever lyricism, like “rock ‘n roll is dead, but if it’s just a feeling then we can bring it back to life” and “I think about love the way I think about wine.” In regards to the whole EP, Devon says:

“I wrote these songs during a period of self-actualization, and I hope that they help provide feelings of hope and of empowerment to all who listen.”

Beaming with the sun-streaked alt-pop leanings of HAIM, The 1975, and Sara Bareilles, singer-songwriter Devon is a rising star on the NYC music scene. Writing and self-producing in her east village apartment, Devon aims to spread a message of self-love through inspired self-discovery with her music.

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