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Dez Money Carves His Own Path with ‘Take Me Down’

From a young age Dez Money was immersed in a world of music.  The son of legendary rocker Eddie Money, Dez started playing drums, but eventually also picked up bass, piano and guitar.  Having spent much of his childhood working with and playing with his father and his band, Dez developed a long list of musical talents that would eventually lead to starting his own band and writing his own tunes.

The LA based self-described, “Music Nerd”, enlisted his brother Julian and sister Jesse along with some other world class musicians to form Dez Money (the band).  Recently, Dez has released his second album, “Take Me Down”, and it is chock full of jams.

Opening the project is the title track, which brings a dynamic and emotional vibe, seeing Dez reflecting on a love that he is willing to give up everything for.  Behind well crafted lyrics and solid vocals, walls of guitar mesh with choir like vocals that add an uplifting and dreamy soundscape to the otherwise hard hitting tune.  An official video for the lead single makes it pop even more.

Continuing through the project… love seems to be the recurring theme, which adds a sensitivity and vulnerability to the energetic Rock project.  Focused on creating his own catalog that can last through the ages, Dez makes sure to be hands on in all aspects of the project – producing in the studio, writing the songs and playing instruments on all of the tracks.

Another one of my favorites from the project is, “She’s My Girl”, which brings a more laid back vibe and shows a different side of Dez Money.  Lush string textures and rhythmic guitar melodies lay the bed for the vocals, which Dez delivers in prime fashion.  Luckily this one came along with a video as well.

For me, what I love about this project is Dez’s ability to craft tunes across the Rock spectrum, with each tune bringing a different feel – All perfectly crafted, well written and impeccably performed.  While being the son of a legend must be cool, it is clear that Dez Money is looking to carve a lane of his own, and I think he is on the right track.

Check out the full album below and make sure you keep up with Dez on his socials so you don’t miss what’s coming next.

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