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Di-Rect Release ‘Soldier On’ as First Single of 2020 [VIDEO]

Having initially launched back in 2001 with their album, “Discover”, Netherlands based Alt-Pop group Di-Rect have continued to find success through the years thanks to their impressive songwriting and emotionally charged tunes.  While I was only first introduced to the group last year when they dropped their single, “Nothing to Lose”, I have been patiently waiting o hear what was next – and luckily enough that time has come.

Most recently, Di-Rect have unveiled their new single, “Soldier On”, and it is a powerful, heart-wrenching tune that will without a doubt hit you right in the feels.  With the tune centered around driving piano chords, washed out melodies and reverberating drum hits, the lead vocal takes hold from the very beginning and helps to drive the tunes meaning home.  About the single, Di-Rect says, “Soldier on is about courage. It’s an ode to anyone who dares to stand out, and claim their place in this fear-ridden world we’re living in.”  In stark contrast to their last release which featured a bubbly feel and driving energy, their new offering is designed to make you feel.  Mid-tempo, somewhat ambient and minimal in form, “Solider On”, stays away from distractions to allow the listener to feel secure, empowered and as if they belong. 

Delivered along with an official video, the songs message is brought to life as director Jamel Armand narrates three parallel stories.  Each character has a bruised soul, whether caused by trauma, a sense of inferiority or inner suffering leading to them feeling unnoticed by the world outside.

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