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Disco Funk with Funk LeBlanc

San Francisco DJ/producer Funk LeBlanc is taking things back to basics for his latest release, “Lovestruck”.  Featuring vocals from Holland Greco, the new release pulls inspiration from classic Disco artists like Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer, Sister Sledge and The Salsoul Orchestra.

While it may be 2018, this tune would have no problem fitting right in at Studio 54 and rocking airwaves in the late 70’s.  The dynamic, clean and impressively retro production relies on lush strings, rolling basslines and rich piano to set the tone while Holland Greco soars on vocals.

New age production techniques mixed with nostalgic arrangements and top notch melodies all come together to create a perfectly executed Disco jam.  A bit saucy, totally groovy and built for funky dance moves – this is a total jam.

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