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DJ and Producer Jozified Manik Unveils Emotionally Powerful Singles "Ngilinde" and "In My Feelings."

Jozified Manik, an accomplished DJ and Producer hailing from Spruitview, South Africa, unveils his latest musical offering, a poignant composition titled "Ngilinde" and "In My Feelings". These songs serve as a stark reminder of the challenging nature of toxic relationships, highlighting the struggle to summon the courage to break free when one's heart is deeply entangled. Through this emotive creation, both the composer and listeners embark on a cathartic journey to confront their emotions and ultimately find solace amidst heartbreak.

"Ngilinde" and "In My Feelings" seamlessly weave together melancholic piano chords, haunting strings, and driving basslines, creating an atmosphere of vulnerability and despair. The vocals, delivered with aching sincerity, encapsulate the internal conflict of someone torn between holding on and letting go.

Jozified Manik's musical journey began with an unwavering passion for electronic music. He meticulously crafts and mixes tracks across various realms of house music, drawing inspiration from his early days of collecting electronic music when house compilations dominated the scene. His musical evolution was further influenced by the subliminal vibes of Kwaito in the townships and the meteoric rise of South African house music on the global stage.

As a DJ and Producer, Jozified Manik defies categorization, seamlessly traversing multiple sub-genres while maintaining a warm, atmospheric essence that grants both himself and his audience a sense of musical freedom. Teaming up with his longtime friend and cousin Blessing White, he forms the dynamic duo, Houz Addictz. Together, they have launched record labels La Muzique Afreak and MuziTanium +, serving as platforms for Jozified Manik and fellow artists to release forward-thinking, open-minded electronic music.

PRE-SAVE/SHARING LINK: Jozified Manik - Ngilinde

Follow Jozified Manik and Paradise Sound System on social media for updates and announcements:

Instagram: @its.jozifiedmanik, @paradisesoundsystem,

Facebook: @Jozified Manik /paradisesoundsystem

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