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DJ Katch Drops Big Bang "WHAT IT IS"

DJ KATCH launches into 2024 with his latest track, "WHAT IT IS," a testament to his unique ability to blend hip backgrounds with the vibrant dance sounds of today. The song pulses with bumping basslines, sharp 4x4 drums, and effortlessly catchy vocals, crafting yet another infectious club weapon for the new year. With a track record of over 400 million streams on Spotify and multi-platinum awards under his belt, DJ KATCH's global reputation precedes him. From co-writing The Chainsmokers' latest hit single "Takeaway" to producing mega club anthems like "The Horns," DJ KATCH's versatility and knack for irresistible soundscapes shine through in "WHAT IT IS."

Signed to Spinnin' Records, the world's leading dance music label, DJ KATCH's influence extends from New York to London, Dubai to Ibiza, Tokyo to Miami. His infamous club hit "The Horns" has left an indelible mark on clubgoers worldwide, topping viral charts in multiple countries and earning praise for its infectious energy. With hits like "Lights Out (Too Drunk)" amassing over 50 million streams on Spotify and platinum certifications in Sweden and Norway, DJ KATCH's musical prowess knows no bounds. His collaborations with international artists, from dancehall king Konshens to US rap legend N.O.R.E., underscore his ability to transcend genres and captivate audiences across the globe.

With a career spanning over 40 countries, DJ KATCH's profound understanding of Urban Dance Music and his dynamic live presence make him a force to be reckoned with in any DJ booth. Whether commanding festival stages, bottle clubs, or underground venues, DJ KATCH's versatile turntable skills ensure an unforgettable experience for audiences worldwide. As "WHAT IT IS" takes center stage in his ever-growing repertoire, DJ KATCH proves once again why he's a silver bullet in the world of dance music, delivering infectious beats and electrifying performances that leave fans craving more.

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