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DJ Kweku Drops Latest Single ‘Walk Away’

Hailing from Ghana and born to British-Ghanaian parents, producer and DJ Robert Baldry, aka DJ Kweku is shaking things up with his new single “Walk Away.” The dance record makes a grand entrance with unique Lo-Fi sounds, creating a whirlwind of anticipation before the house groove slaps you in the face. Kweku’s high-level production is complimented by warm vocals chanting “Please Just Walk Away.”

The lyrics reveal a woman heartbroken over love until the moment she gives up and finally begs her lover to walk away. Although the words emote feelings of sorrow, there is no doubt that listeners will be compelled to dance. This pop smash is a combination of special moments from the very beginning until the end. One will surely enjoy the stellar production that Kweku offers.

“Walk Away” is Kweku’s second single release of 2020 and comes under the umbrella of the American Independent Label Wildfire Records. Make sure you check out “Walk Away” by DJ Kweku out now.

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