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DJ Yasmin x Audrey Tapiheru [VIDEO]

One of my favorite things about running this site is being able to hear music from all over the world… today I am sharing the first submission to come through from Indonesia.

Before you pass this one by, let’s just note that they lyrics are in English and the production is a Tropical House infused vibe.  A collaboration between award winning DJ, DJ Yasmin, and 1/3 of Popular Indonesian Pop outfit GAC, Audrey Tapiheru.

While she has had success in the dance market and abroad, DJ Yasmin is looking to dominate the Indonesian Pop market with, “Nothing Wrong About It“.  Lyrically the track is about, “expressing each others feelings in the moment between a girl and a boy.”  The new tune also comes along with a video that features live footage along with stellar animation in the form of lyrics, written around the city in neon lights.

The tune, heavily formulated on successful EDM flavors, has an undeniable vibe.  Bright melodies mix with great top lines, only further brought to life by the visuals.

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