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DMV Artist Thalia Falcon Drops Saucy New Single ‘Need to Know’

When it comes to hot spots in the US, I feel like the DMV is often overlooked… yet every time I turn around I am finding some new flames in my inbox from fresh faced DMV based artists.  My latest find goes by the name Thalia Falcon and her new single, “Need to Know”, is a smooth Pop infused R&B jam that has been rocking heavily in my playlists.  

Having only released two singles so far, “Need to Know”, is more than enough to make me feel like Thalia Falcon is on to something here.  With clean production based around muted chords, playful percussion and snappy drums, Thalia sways on top of the tune with precise vocals and just the right amount of sass delivering a memorable performance from beginning to end.  

About the track, Thalia says, “My new song is about being in an over protective relationship that lacks trust. In relationships one of the most important things is getting to know who you’re with. Obviously through communication but there are also instances or parts of that process that can feel overwhelming almost as if you’re interviewing for a job. Most people prefer to relay information on a need to know basis. Not giving too much too fast. Better yet a little at a time.

While she may just be getting rolling, I have no doubt that Thalia Falcon has a lot more up her sleeve.  Do yourself a favor and keep tabs. 

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