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Don’t Sleep on CHYLD & Drowsy’s New Tune ‘Bedtime’

Since 2018, Boston based artist CHYLD has been on a mission to prove himself as a solo artist.  Having had some success previously with his group Freevø, the duo disbanded and left CHYLD open to experiment and find a new sound all his own.  Now with a number of standout singles out, he continues to push boundaries with his sound, curating a unique blend of Electro Pop powered by impressive productions and undeniable vibes.

For his first release of 2020, CHYLD has teamed up with Las Vegas vocalist Drowsy for moody new bop, “Bedtime“.  Opening with somber vocals and minimal production, the track quickly opens up with some of CHYLD‘s signature synth work, building into the hook before the introduction of Drowsy on verse 2.  Drowsy brings a beautiful, emotional vibe to the track, building off of CHYLD‘s verse and kicking things up a notch – both artists perfectly complimenting each other throughout the tune.

With both artists ready to make some major waves this year, they promise there is a whole lot more to come.  Add this one to your playlists and make sure you keep an eye on both artists for what’s next!

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