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DOV Puts His Own Stamp on Chinwe's "Something Beautiful"

One of NYC's most promising producers, DOV, puts his stamp on "Something Beautiful" by London's Chinwe and we are here for it. The bittersweet "live for the moment" hit delivers a moody but organic continuation from the original. While Chinwe captures the brighter side of bitter sweet, DOV captures the 'bitter' as we are introduced to entrancing dark pop melodies and the messages underlying euphoric distress.

“Chinwe’s original song has something “sweet and smooth” about it and the production is more on the chill vibe. When me and Chinwe talked about doing a remix for the song I knew that I wanted to give it a whole new interpretation “DOV’s way” and through that show the power of production and how a different production can take the song to a totally different place.” - DOV

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