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Dr Feel & Philasande unveil the Rhythmic Marvel ‘Wafika’ Beyond Boundaries

Renowned Zimbabwean-born DJ and Producer, Dr Feel, is gearing up to set the global music scene ablaze with his newest creation, "Wafika." Currently based in the vibrant musical hub of Johannesburg, South Africa, Dr Feel has been carving his niche and garnering attention from industry heavyweights, solidifying his position as a rising star with a unique approach to Afro House and Tech.

Dedicated, driven, and creatively laid back, Dr Feel places talent at the forefront of his musical endeavors. His collaborative spirit extends across genres, working with a diverse range of artists, including rappers, singers, and fellow producers. With a mission to establish the Dr Feel brand as a lasting force in the industry, he has already amassed an impressive catalog of over 10 EPs and 200 singles, capturing the hearts of fans across platforms like Traxsource, Spotify, Apple, and Beatport.

In a groundbreaking collaboration with the rising Afrohouse sensation PhilaSande, hailing from the heart of Welkom in the Free State, "Wafika" is a testament to the power of musical synergy. PhilaSande, an exceptionally gifted vocalist, has mesmerized the Afrohouse scene with her soul-stirring voice and compelling beats, transcending boundaries from a small town to international acclaim.

The musical journey of PhilaSande took a pivotal turn when she crossed paths with the esteemed Dr Feel, a luminary in the Afrohouse domain. Recognizing her innate talent, Dr Feel played a crucial role by sending her the inaugural Afrohouse beat that laid the foundation for her remarkable career.

PhilaSande's collaboration with Dr Feel not only showcase her versatility as an artist but also establish her as a formidable presence in the Afrohouse realm. Her unique fusion of soulful melodies and infectious rhythms continues to resonate globally, bringing together music enthusiasts in a collective celebration of Afrohouse culture.

At the heart of this musical maven's latest venture is the highly anticipated "Wafika," a track that transcends boundaries, seamlessly blending three dynamic dance genres - Afro Tech, melodic, and Afro House. Featuring the enchanting vocals of PhilaSande, who beautifully sings in her native language Xhosa, the track adds a distinctive and flavorful dimension to the ever-evolving soundscape of Dr Feel.

Dr Feel quotes: "The initial idea was to create a smooth and soft house track, one that wouldn't just fit the club scene. However, we adapted the concept to cater to festival and club DJs, aiming for a broader reach." Describing the track as a "Love Journey," Dr Feel emphasizes the emotional narrative woven throughout "Wafika." The song promises to take listeners on a captivating journey with its diverse instrumentation and soul-stirring vocals, providing a unique and immersive experience from start to finish.

Why "Wafika" Should be on Your Playlist: "Wafika" is not merely a song; it's a sonic journey that defies conventional genre boundaries. Dr Feel invites music enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the magic and emotion embedded in every beat and lyric. As a testament to his rising influence, Dr Feel continues to leave an indelible mark on the global Afro House scene, capturing the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

As the anticipation builds for the release of "Wafika," Dr Feel and Philasande remain committed to pushing musical boundaries and establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Stay tuned as Dr Feel's and Philasande "Wafika" makes its way to music platforms, promising to leave an indelible mark on the global music scene.

PRE-SAVE/SHARING LINK: Dr Feel & Philasande - Wafika

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