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Dr. Fresch’s renowned mix series, The Prescription Radio, shows us the future of funk with new

The Prescription Radio show has been a consistent favorite over the years for fans of G-House, Bass House, Tech House, Electro and more. Everyone’s favorite Doctor (Dr. Fresch), always delivers his signature styles during the first 30 mins of the mixes, while carefully curating guest artists from all ends of the Electronic Music spectrum to deliver the final 30 minutes of each episode. Over the years, the mix series has seen guest mixes from the likes of Louis The Child, AC Slater, Dom Dolla as well as some of our favorite emerging artists like Ship Wrek, Morelia and Qlank.

On the recently aired Episode #88, The Doctor prescribed a guest mix full of funky house and disco, administered by a retro-video-game-inspired producer by the name of Euføeni. Euføeni (pronounced: eu-pho-ny), is an LA based Artist who’s music production skillset has been developed over the last 13+ years in the studio. His productions consist mostly of his own original sound & synth design with a signature that is largely influenced by sounds from retro video games.

Euføeni tip toes around house sub-genres during his 30 minutes of funked up bass lines and melodies. His retro, funk and disco flavors are highlighted by 7 of his own tunes featured in the mix. While he delivered moments reminiscent of acts like Disclosure, Kaytranada and Yung Bae; it was easy to see that the signature sound is uniquely “Euføeni”. Have a listen below (Euføeni mix starts at 29:25 mark).

After a closer inspection of Euføeni’s Soundcloud profile we discovered that he just released the full version of one of our favorite “IDs” from the mix entitled, “Where We Belong”. The full version opens with an intriguing male monologue intro that sets us up nicely for another funky-house getdown which you can hear below.

We will definitely be keeping an eye out for future projects from this talented Artist, and you should too!

Tune into The Prescription Radio Show every other Monday at 3PM PST via and broadcasted on DASH Radio.

Follow Euføeni on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify and Twitter.

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