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Drew Schueler Continues to Prove Himself as an Artist to Watch with New Single "This is Where"

Since first landing on our radar back in 2019, buzzing producer/singer/songwriter Drew Schueler has continued making waves in the Pop music scene thanks to a steady stream of stand out releases and his impressive ability to pen and perform emotive tunes that will undoubtedly stand the test of time. Straight from Music City, Drew Schueler has proven himself to be a dynamic and authentic artist who is dead-set on leaving his mark on the music world without taking any short cuts.

Drew Scheuler's latest offering, "This Is Where," is a heartfelt ballad inspired by a deeply personal moment in Schueler's life. About the records, he says, "Home. We felt it as soon as we saw the house for the first time. I could see the future memories so vividly. A week after closing, I wrote my wife this song and played it for her on her birthday. This song means the world to me and I’m so glad it’s now forever yours." This sincerity and emotional connection are what set Schueler apart, highlighting his ability to translate personal experiences into universally relatable music. His previous works, such as producing Zoe Clark's viral hit "Last One Standing," further underscore his versatility and talent in both writing and production.

His recent accolades, including a significant contribution to Kpop star D.O.'s smash single "Somebody," demonstrates his prowess as a songwriter and collaborator outside of his solo work. The track's overwhelming success, with over 25 million streams on Spotify and 8 million views on YouTube, is a testament to Schueler's skill and appeal. This milestone, coupled with his Grand Prize win at the 2023 Nashville Songwriters Association International Song Contest, positions him as a formidable force in contemporary Pop music. He has also received praise throughout the industry for his production on Zoe Clark's viral hit "Last One Standing," which continues to to bubble several years after its release. With additional collaborations with artists like Blanco Brown and Danielle Bradbery, Schueler's talent continues to help him gain recognition and momentum at every step of the way.

Listeners should not miss the chance to follow Drew Schueler as he continues to ascend in the music industry. His unique blend of polished vocals and poignant songwriting promises a fresh and engaging listening experience. With a solid foundation built on years of dedication and a rapidly growing fan base, Schueler is poised for a breakthrough year. His music, marked by authenticity and emotional depth, resonates with a wide audience, making him an artist to watch. Keep an eye on Schueler’s upcoming releases and witness the journey of a rising star in the making.

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