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DRUMMAKID Came in Clutch With ‘Dat Drip’ [VIDEO]

The homie DRUMMAKID definitely has that Dat Drip. This joint is truly the turn up. Let me set the scene for y’all: it’s a 10:00PM on a Friday night and you and the crew are dressed to the 9. The homies are looking fly and your ladies are looking fine. You pop open the top of your favorite liquid and toast to the start of a weekend. Dat Drip, is going to be the song that is bumping in the background.

DRUMMAKID, is a Amsterdam native and is holding it down for his people. From the jump, DRUMMAKID was interested in music. Enough so, that he would break into his brothers room and make beats on a computer program called FL Studio. It was only a matter of time until he picked up his first pare of drum sticks. His passion for banging on skins allowed him to play percussion for Dutch artists like Berget Lewis, Jennie Lena, SEEKA, just to name a few. Being around all this talent, made DRUMMAKID reconsider his position in the industry. DRUMMAKID took an new approach, by producing his own music with the help of his friend Marvin Escobar. The tag team duo came together to produced 23 tracks for Zwart Licht first solo album. This was a major accomplishment for the two hit makers. This breakthrough propelled his solo career. Let me get back to the track…

DRUMMAKID is a talented rapper and producer. He has a unique style and specializes in finessing his pockets within his music. His sense of rhythm is most currently rooted to his years behind his kit. This made me add Dat Dip to my rotation. If the track alone doesn’t do it for you, maybe some visual aid will help. DRUMMAKID put out a video for this banger. So get off our blog and watch this movie. 

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