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Dudes Got Bars [VIDEO]

There is always something super dope about Hip-Hop and live instruments.  When we found the new video from Marcaux for his track, “‘95“, in our inbox, he hit us quick with his witty bars, hard punchlines and live visuals.

The Long Island MC teams up with Jon Brick to flew his raw lyricism on a minimal production, making sure every bar hits to the fullest.  With nothing more than some live drums, Marcaux goes in for nearly 3 minutes with a fast hitting flow.  While this may not be a commercial release, it is perfect for Marcaux to show his skills – and I can tell you he has skills for sure.

While it is almost hard to keep up with him, pay close attention to the lyrics and I’m sure you’ll find some gems in there.  An all around solid display that I keep finding myself coming back to for more.

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