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Dylan Montayne Delivers on New Single – “Classic.”

You might recognize Dylan Montayne from his popular “Uber driver raps” video series on Youtube, amassing millions of views and effectively displaying the Southwest artist’s capabilities. Nowadays the singer, rapper, producer is more focused on putting out quality music that you can really dig into. On his latest single, “Classic.”, Dylan Montayne delivers tight and ever-changing flows over a modified surf-rock backline. This track has the potential to be a summer banger, perfect for long drives with the top down, or a late night anthem to continuously entertain you and your friends. His self-deprecating humor plays perfectly with his unquestionable rapping abilities, making “Classic.” live up to its name as a memorable track to be played over and over again. Dylan Montayne’s electric personality and storytelling expertise will certainly aid him down the road as he develops as an artist and allow him to truly become a standout both on the live scene and on future records.

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