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Dylan Owen Teams Up with Emmy-Award Winning Director in "How to Find Yourself"

How do you find yourself? Nobody knows. And we don’t either. Which is why we made this film for young creatives who feel like their lives may be directionless. If you’ve never felt that way, you’re probably lying to yourself. This film is for people who have mistakes that seem so large in their minds but in reality, are not so large. What we hope is that hearing other people your own age share these exact same insecurities will reaffirm that your life isn’t as messed up as you might think. It comes from the hearts of two people who document the world differently: notable director Brian Petchers and precocious rapper Dylan Owen.

We didn’t set out to make this. It just happened. The short was captured on 16mm film and a handheld camcorder. We asked the people on camera to be honest and say anything that they want to share with the world about finding themselves, overcoming regrets, beating depression, living with anxiety, or fighting the mental health stigma. Looking back, we have a series of testimonials from people in their mid-twenties speaking on their deeply personal struggles to give advice to a younger version of themselves.

Why does this video matter? It is something honest that speaks on mental health. The musical score is a song by the same name from Dylan Owen’s Take Care Of Yourself EP coming to streaming services this November. What we learned in making this: you don’t find yourself, you find a way to get through. Everybody, no matter how different, has some internal timeline in common. And making this video was our way of getting through this year.

Starring: Jimmy Levar, Unique Davey, Marko Christie, Alexandra Chelaru, Dylan Owen, Rachel Kent, Ashley Cortes-Ose, Christopher Swinton, Nick Harrison, Kelly Mulvihill, Kane Spear.

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