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[Early Listen] BRKN BLVD - Wake Up Happy (feat. Dexter Dash) [June 10th]

Following up on his sophomore release, “She Said”, which racked up over 30K streams on Spotify in the first week, NYC-based BRKN BLVD is back with summer-ready, Emo-Pop bop, “Wake Up Happy”. Produced by Massachusetts based musical wunderkind CHYLD, his latest offering brings a bubbly and bouncy beat and features vocals from his son Dexter Dash that he recorded when he was 4 years old (he is responsible for those fresh “ooh’s” and some other adlibs).

While on the outside, “Wake Up Happy”, appears to be a major mood-booster, the lyrics are anything but. As always, BRKN BLVD allows his hidden torment to shine, as he touches on feelings of being alone, lost and at the end of his rope. Reflective of his real-life perspective, this whole tune was built around the first line, “I wake up happy, go to bed the same”, which is something that he regularly says in casual conversation. The idea being, that we can all kind of agree that a lot of time – life’s a bitch - so for BRKN BLVD, there is no option other than having fun, laughing, and enjoying every minute of every day and being as he happy as possibly can, at all-times – no matter what may be weighing/breaking him down in the moment.

Life sucks. Smile.


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