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[Early Listen] RockDafuqOut Records 0002: BRKN BLVD - She Said (feat. KG Lillian) [April 29th]

Hot on the heels of his well-received, still-buzzing debut single, “Over the Rainbow, NYC-based BRKN BLVD is keeping his foot on the gas with the release of, “She Said”. Expanding on his sound and hoping to give the world a glimpse of his more sensitive side, his latest tune is a gritty, emotive, relatable love song that speaks to the ups and downs in a relationship that so many of us have experienced.

After cutting the demo, BRKN BLVD still felt something was missing, so he reached out to internet-artist-pal and incredibly talented, Austin-based, singer/songwriter KG Lillian to add a delicate female touch to the tune. Together, both artists find a perfect balance, helping to further add to the songs sappy-sad-torn-never-wanna-let-you-go type vibes. With CHYLD once again behind the production, “She Said”, brings a deep and dynamic energy that perfectly complements the unexpected, yet shining duet.

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