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East Coast Music Conference Offers Free Entry For Anyone Who Brings Their SXSW Tickets

You heard it here first – the East Coast Music Conference will be accepting all SXSW vouchers as admission to free entry into their event this year. And before you wonder whether the vouchers will still be yours after admittance into ECMC, you’re in luck. All they need is a copy or an electronic confirmation at check-in to be let into the event. Following SXSW’s announcement to offer voucher deferment but no refunds, millions of attendees were outraged by the choice. Their tickets come at a hefty cost and in response, ECMC has chosen to open its doors to each and every attendee who still yearns for their conference fix this year. The ECMC founders assure us that the event, located in Norfolk, VA, will go on. ECMC is on track to take place in June as scheduled, and things are looking good! ECMC plans to adhere to their local governments’ and health officials’ recommendations. ECMC is structured to be able to quickly reschedule the event if advised to do so.

The East Coast Music Conference is one of the largest and highest rated music conferences in the US. From June 4-7, speakers and attendees will network throughout downtown Norfolk in unique and intimate spaces, building time between panels so that artists & speakers can talk and network while walking to the next venue. The conference set-up proves to be a safer, more spacious environment as they are able to avoid having thousands of people packed together in one large room. ECMC brings major music industry figures and rising talent to the region to share ideas and expand networks, while introducing music fans to dozens of rising artists. During the day time ECMC includes music industry panels, mentorship sessions, and networking events. Each evening, ECMC showcases a variety of artists at several venues in Downtown Norfolk. To date, the conference has brought many distinguished music industry leaders as well as Gold and Platinum record award winners to Norfolk, including Jackie Jackson, label owner and member of the Jackson 5. Major speakers in 2019 included Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman as well as Emily White, the founder of Collective Entertainment in New York.

ECMC 2020 will bring notable music industry leaders, such as Melissa B, Dr. Louis Anthony deLise, Brian Falduto, Andrew Spalter, and many more. Partnered with the Downtown Norfolk Council, The Virginia Stage Company at Wells Theater, The Norva, Percolator Co-Working, The Barrel Room, and more, the event has set itself up for immense success and an impressive turnout. Named a ‘Top 10 Music Conference’ by sources like Hypebot, ECMC invites all conference goers in 2020 to attend. In the event that the conference is postponed, ECMC will honor all applications and purchased passes for either the postponement date or ECMC 2021.

To purchase tickets, you can visit their Eventbrite link here. To claim your free ticket, type in the code SX2020 and be sure to bring a copy of your SXSW ticket and/or electronic confirmation with you in person on the day of the event.

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