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Ectryon Gets Dirty with ‘Wiretap’

This next tune, while not generally my vibe, grabbed me quick. Blending influences from Rock and Dubstep, Ectryon brings an original vibe with his transformative release, “Wiretap”.

What stands out most to me about this mid-tempo track is the arrangement and instrumentation. Ripping guitar leads blend with growling bases, laser like synths and punchy drums to create an energetic release. Keeping the listener entertained, the tune goes through several stages, each with its own distinct vibe – seemingly unfit for each other, it all somehow seems to work.

There is some clear musicality behind the creation of this track. Interesting progressions and melodies all come together behind a ripping Electronic production that hits. Technically well thought out and impressively pieced together, Ectyron brings an originality that I love and a sound that I have nothing to compare it to.

Check it.

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