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Eddie Martinez returns to Tommy Boy with Hot New Single “Something About You”

Los Angeles based DJ/Producer Eddie Martinez is making his return to Tommy Boy with a new single “Something About You” featuring Kaci. Since the age of 15, Eddie began producing music and has been sharpening his skills ever since. Fascinated with New York’s night scene, Eddie kicked off his DJ career at the age of 20 and started booking gigs around the city. It was only a matter of time before Eddie was going to hit big stages and a year later Eddie became a Resident DJ at the famous Pavilion Night Club.

Soon after, Eddie became a Resident Dj at the late great Peter Rauhofer’s infamous WORK! parties in New York City. Peter Rauhofer is a well-known DJ/producer whom can be credited towards his dance remixes of songs by Madonna, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and Rihanna. Peter took Eddie under his wing and became his mentor. With a combination of the teachings from Peter and his naturalistic talents, Eddie has grown as a DJ/producer to have an eclectic style in music. Eddie has been able to capture the attention of various large audiences and delivers an experience to them every time. Eddie played at major global events such as: NYC Pride, Songkran in Thailand, White Party Miami and Toronto World Pride

With driving energy, sexy vocals and thumping drums “Something About You” is a perfect summer dance song. With lyrics from Kaci “I know there’s something so special about you and me babe… you got me feeling fine…tell me you’ll stay” there is no doubt that this feel good pumping song is the type of song to get stuck in your head for days! Eddie does a great job by zoning in and out of attention especially when it comes to focusing on Kaci’s part by allowing her to have her moment to shine and show off her talents. Although this song is well over the normal song duration, a second away from 7 minutes, Eddie does an outstanding job of keeping my attention throughout the whole time. This is the only the beginning of Eddie’s return back to Tommy Boy, I am thrilled to see what else he has in store for all of us. Check out his single! 

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