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Eddie Witz (and The Most High) Returns To Jamaica In Music Video"Jamaica Time"

With Multi-Grammy Award-Winning Songwriters and Producers

Dedicated to the late Jimmy Buffett, “Jamaica Time" is the second song off of Eddie's debut EP "I Am What I am" set to release later this year. This pop and reggae ballad touches on him returning to Jamaica while trying to recover from an illness. Speaking on the track, Eddie said "the songwriting process commenced upon my return home following the challenging period of my Shingles attack. Collaborating closely with my wife, Michelle, herself a talented singer-songwriter from Australia, we began to channel our experiences and emotions into music. Additionally, I had the privilege of working with esteemed songwriting and producing partners such as Native Wayne Jobson and Brian Jobson, both multi-Grammy Award-winning talents, as well as Jeff Barry, a distinguished producer and songwriter inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame". 

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