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Eden Rain's 'All Things Change': A Poetic Journey through Personal Transformation

In a musical landscape saturated with predictability, Eden Rain emerges as a refreshing force with her new track, 'All Things Change.' The hotly tipped independent artist not only captivates with her soulful melodies but also invites listeners into a poignant narrative, born from the depths of pandemic-induced isolation.

Serving as a prelude to Eden's highly anticipated EP, 'But I'm Alright Now,' the song was crafted during the bleak period of universal isolation, unfolding as a poetically striking composition. Eden Rain masterfully weaves her imaginative way with words, offering a glimpse into the mantras that guided her through the challenging times of the pandemic. The artist herself reflects on the significance of 'All Things Change,' describing it as one of her most special songs. Written amidst the chaos of a dramatic winter in the COVID era, the track becomes a cathartic release for Eden as she navigates through a tumultuous period of life drama and personal challenges. Drawing parallels to a 'Girls' episode set against the backdrop of a mass pandemic, Eden's lyricism encapsulates the comical yet profound nature of her experiences.

Eden's introspective journey doesn't stop there. The artist opens up about the dual nature of her experiences during this time, grappling with both the desire for everything to move on and the simultaneous longing to freeze a newfound love in time. This emotional dichotomy adds layers to the song, making it a nuanced exploration of the complexities of life during the pandemic.

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