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Edm/Rock Band Blitz Union Celebrates Individuality in New Single

As the challenges faced by teenagers in today's world grow ever more daunting, "Freak Anthem" emerges as a rallying cry—a source of solace and inspiration for those brave souls who dare to defy societal conventions and redefine what it means to be unique. Blitz Union extends an open invitation to join their movement, uniting as one to ignite change and transform the world.

Ahead of their performances at this years Votvírák, M'Era Luna, Mix Music Fest, and Amphi Festival, "Freak Anthem" celebrates community as much as it does individuality. Upbeat and perfect for the early summer months, the energetic quartet sets the bar once again with a song made for all of those who feel misunderstood. Tapping into the very essence that is human, "Freak Anthem" provides a raw, vulnerable setting for all of those seeking to live life to their absolute fullest sense of self.

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