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Efraim Leo Releases Hit Dramatic New Hit “When I Wanted You”

The lead track taken from his debut EP, Efraim Leo has released his dramatic music video for ‘When I Wanted You’.

Immediately delving into the dramatic and urgent realisation of being trapped in a relationship, the single’s hard hitting lyrics are underlain by a subtle, yet driving drum beat amongst brooding synth textures. “This song deals with the realisation of being trapped in a relationship with a girl that you have been chasing for so long that has let you down several times, and now you just wanna get out.”

Efraim’s debut EP ‘Timing’ was approached “like writing a movie script” explained Efraim. The self-written collection unleashed his infectious and vibrant brand of pop songcraft onto the world and tells a carefully woven story about a relationship across four songs, based on his own experiences.

In 2016 Efraim featured on MARC’s smash hit ‘Show You The Light’, which has received over 50 million streams to date, while his own debut single ‘You Got Me Wrong’ earned him airplay attention from Swedish National Radio station P3 who named him “Sweden’s answer to Shawn Mendes”.

In 2018 Efraim went on an ‘unofficial’ busking tour, following The Vamps around the UK. Arriving at the concert venues early in the day, Efraim set up outside and played for the quickly forming crowd of Vamps fans waiting to get inside. This providedan accolade that most emerging artists can only dream of: a gig at London’s O2 Arena, where the organisers had set him up with his own stage inside the dome. “I played two sets for people standing in line, it must have been around 1000 people! After that, I had so many fans and new followers – they’re all still with me today and super excited for my new music.”

The experience sparked a deep-rooted love of live performance, and last summer Efraim took to the stage again in Sweden, playing some huge shows including Lollapalooza, Stockholm Pride and Summerburst festival. “Playing live will always be what I’m all about; that’s what’s really important to me. I used to want to do acoustic sets – but as my music has evolved, so have my live performances and now I can’t wait to get out on tour again.”

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