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Electro Trap Masked Duo ‘The Image’ Release Imaginative New Single “Believe In Me”

Masked duo, The Image,is artfully comprised of two non-descript artists named Watrcup and Franskiiz. The Los Angeles pair is geared up to release their highly anticipated hit entitled “Believe In Me” today! The undeniably catchy single pairs with an endlessly entertaining video filled with playful animations and a stroll through the imagination of a young girl who sees the world for more than what it is. The standalone single is a family-friendly feel good hit that the people could use now more than ever. The video delivers an aesthetically pleasing escape from the darkness we weave through as the world tosses us one unknown after another. The Image understands the impact of positivity and they choose to use their combined talents to create an optimistic approach to music, sharing it with those who need it most.

The video begins with a young girl playing with her toys in the front yard. Sonically we hear an electronic influence, similar to that of an early Imogen Heap. Quick to move to a buoyant trap delivery, the track hooks listeners in right from the start. The young girl’s mom tells her to put down her toys and come inside, ripping the girl of her daydream while re-introducing her to a much less interesting reality while they put on their shoes and leave for the store. On their way out the door, the little girl grabs her two toys, which now the viewer understands are representations of Watrcup and Franskiiz. The less than thrilled daughter joins her mom at the store and while her mom becomes distracted with phone calls, her daughter revisits her daydream while following characters around the aisles. As she ventures back into her excited curiosity, the music delivers more electronic elements, leading into its undeniably catchy chorus which serves almost as a soundtrack to the girls animated visions. After throwing herself fully into her imagination, her mom once again pulls her out of it and they leave the store to return back to their home. On the way, the girl meets the masked duo in person, making it seem as though her toys have finally come to life. A dollar bill follows her throughout the course of the video, aligning the concept of money with something fantastical; The Image communicates the possibility of attaining richness, but only if you truly believe.

Watrcup and Franskiiz are clearly an organic fit. With a degree in Journalism and a hefty background in writing, Watrcup approaches songs, lyrics first whereas Franskiiz, being a classically trained instrumentalist, is fully immersed in the beat. Their natural chemistry in the studio and on the stage doesn’t miss the mark as they pair fresh sounds with experimental textures, creating something truly unique to them. “We both contribute something different and personal,” Jared says. “I bring the ideas and inspiration, and Franskiiz brings the life, musically. I’ll create a spark, and he’ll make it a fire.” The Image introduced this balance with a pair of tracks in 2019. “Who Are You” amassed 144K Spotify streams, and “Fine” quickly surpassed 183K Spotify streams. Their masks allow the listener a blank canvas; in other words, an opportunity to form an opinion on the music before they make a judgement on the artist. The Image is hands down adding a fresh take in the genreless industry we live in today.

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