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Electronic Artist Zuso Rides Out the Storm in "Melt Like Gold"

Plunging into lush soundscapes and ambient textures, Sydney-based electronic artist Zuso is back with a melodically captivating hit "Melt Like Gold". Leaving listeners dancing from beginning to end, the cinematic single channels 'party all night' vibes as we forget our past worries by escaping into his melodic soul. Best known for his smooth electronica creations and mesmerizing melodic house music, Zuso's feels inspirational and upbeat, almost as if to encourage fans to leave the past behind and chase after their dreams. Not afraid to push boundaries, Zuso's music has been described as “Talented, unique and professional” from former Grammy award-winning remixer and producer Dan Konopka. The young artist has acquired over 70,000 streams to date on all platforms. Initially launching his musical career as a young teenager, he released his first single "Skies" quickly followed by his single "Feel Better" surpassing just over 57,000 streams between the two. We have no doubts that "Melt Like Gold" will set the bar one step higher on the next chapter of his musical journey.

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