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Electronic Music Can Rock Too

A little about me: Electronic Music came late for me. I was never the kid listening to House Music during the times of Jersey Shore. I also wasn’t the guy going out to raves at Governors Island. It just wasn’t my scene. During those early days, I was more interested in Backpack Rap and some Old School Rock from Guitar Hero. It wasn’t until I got to college, when I started to enjoy and appreciate electronic music. I immersed myself with the styles of Daft Punk, deadmau5 and Major Lazer. Electronic Music was the palate cleanser I needed to enrich my passion for the art of music. The beautify about the genera is that there’s so many facets within side it, which makes it even more complex and interesting.  That’s why I’m excited to share this track with y’all.

The name of this one is Keep It Rockin’ and it’s a BANGER. The master minds behind this anthem are none another than Exodus and Saladin. The New York native Exodus is a Dj, producer with some serious skill in the Progressive/House market. On top of that, he is the proud founder and owner of Peak Hour Music. Saladin, on the other end is known as Chicago’s Ghetto Rock Star and can back it up with some of his Billboard numbers. He too is a proud DJ, producer and owner of Phunk Junk Records. These guys got their shit together, non-the less. Anyways, the two came together and delivered something worth listening to.

Keep It Rockin’ begins with the classic “Boots & Pants” dance intro. I think its dope because it’s simple, familiar and you know where it’s heading. 30 seconds in, you get that first real taste of that super bass. It’s a necessity and they incorporated it seamlessly. As this track continues to build, we get some low-pitched dude rapping about partying like Kurt Cobain. It’s catchy and complements the vibe of this track.

It’s nice to see two people from different cities link and build a single from the ground up. Last time I cheked, Keep It Rockin’ was charted at #13 on Betport’s Electronic House section. Congratulations gentlemen, continue killing it and looking forward to hear some more of dat new new.


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