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Elina Does it Again with ‘Mirage’ [VIDEO]

To say I am hyped for fast-rising Scandinavian Pop artist Elina’s forthcoming debut EP would be an understatement.  Having received acclaim in the past for co-writing some of the worlds biggest smashes, it was only about a year ago that she made the transition from writer to artist in her own right.  Ever since she launched I have been thoroughly hooked and waiting on her every word.  Between her first 3 singles, she has already been able to rack up 27M+ streams and has landed on the radar of tastemakers worldwide.

A true master of her craft, I have no doubt that Elina is going to be a household name in no time.  If I was to make an ‘Artists to Watch’ list, Elina would be right at the top – without question.  As someone who believes great songwriting is the most important thing about music… Elina is a welcomed new addition who will eventually leave one hell of a legacy through her music.  Real, raw, emotive and dynamic.  What more could you ask for.

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