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Elina Does it Again with ‘Mirage’ [VIDEO]

To say I am hyped for fast-rising Scandinavian Pop artist Elina’s forthcoming debut EP would be an understatement.  Having received acclaim in the past for co-writing some of the worlds biggest smashes, it was only about a year ago that she made the transition from writer to artist in her own right.  Ever since she launched I have been thoroughly hooked and waiting on her every word.  Between her first 3 singles, she has already been able to rack up 27M+ streams and has landed on the radar of tastemakers worldwide.

With an unbelievable ability to connect with listeners at the core of human emotion, her introspective songwriting, real life inspiration and skillful vocal performances have quickly set her apart in a world of cookie cutter Pop performers.  Most recently, the buzz worthy Swedish export has unveiled her single, “Mirage”, and it is year another tune that has me all up in my feelings.  The powerful Pop ballad sees Elina fuse her own experiences of relationships and her struggle to move beyond them while trying to re-establish her own identity.

Delivered along with an official video, Elina takes this release one step further and gives fans a glimpse into a whole new side of her.  When asked about the inspiration behind the tune, Elina says, “Mirage’ is “about the aftermath of being left behind. About the struggles to get rid of the past and the memories of someone you’ve lost.  It takes place in the very centre of destructiveness before you’re able to move on. In the calm after the storm you start to regret that you didn’t do things differently in a relationship when you had the chance, you start to remember the good times and you become obsessed by making things right again. Even if it’s all a waste of time.

A true master of her craft, I have no doubt that Elina is going to be a household name in no time.  If I was to make an ‘Artists to Watch’ list, Elina would be right at the top – without question.  As someone who believes great songwriting is the most important thing about music… Elina is a welcomed new addition who will eventually leave one hell of a legacy through her music.  Real, raw, emotive and dynamic.  What more could you ask for.

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