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Elina Stuns Again with Her Latest Single ‘Champion’

I said it before, but I’ll say it again… I have a huge musical crush on Swedish artist Elina.  While she may have only launched her solo career last year, she has been writing behind the scenes for some time and has credits on some absolutely massive hits.

When it comes to her artist project, Elina has been able to rack up over 16M streams on Spotify alone with her first two official singles.  For me, this success comes as no surprise.  If you ask me, she is one of the (best) most exciting songwriters to watch and has a remarkable knack for writing touching, memorable, familiar lyrics that pull at nearly every human emotion.  Her latest offering, “Champion”, once again has me all up in my feelings – and for someone who listens to as much music as I do, that is no easy task. 

About the release Elina says, “To me, ‘Champion’ is about fear.  Personally, when I get scared of losing someone or if I feel inadequate in a relationship – any relationship – I tend to disguise that fear with rejection. Sometimes even with anger. I think it’s a very easy-to-see-through attempt to hide that you’re hurt or vulnerable. “I’m scared of losing you” becomes “I don’t need you.

While the single may have come from a deeply personal place, there is no doubt that it is easy to relate to – no matter where you come from… and that is what is so magical about everything Elina has released thus far.  She makes music for everyone, breaking down boundaries, crossing borders and looking past all of the differences that may separate us on the surface.  Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on Elina.

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