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Elle Baez Releases Epic Women Empowerment Anthem "Mister Possessive"

Edgy and relatable, Elle Baez's "Mister Possessive" brings autonomy back to all the women who have found themselves in a toxic situation. Following Elle on her relationship journey, we watch her as she embraces self love and the determination to walk away from a bad relationship and instead, focus on what it is that she deserves. Paired with a strong and empowering instrumental, "Mister Possessive" gives you Demi Lovato "Confident" vibes that keep you dancing from beginning to end. She sings about how she’s been taken advantage of by her partner, and how she’s finally ready to take control back and reclaim her freedom and control. The super catchy and upbeat instrumental filled with futuristic synths serves as a seamless juxtaposition to her grounded, self assured lyrics and we just cannot get enough.

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