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Ellie Byers and Syon Collab on “Back Around” to Create Their Newest Silky Single.

“Back Around” by Ellie Byers and Syon is the perfect sultry and silky R&B track about trying to make a failed relationship work.

The song’s lyrics paint the story about trying to cut off a toxic relationship that is not good, but you can’t stop thinking about it. “No one’s like you” and “I don’t want to leave you, so I’ll come back around” captures the daydreaming and longing tone of this song.

“Back Around” is an absolute vibe and experience to listen to. Ellie Byers’ voice is that of an R&B classic. With warm tones, blendable riffs, and soft onset, Ellie Byers’ is the perfect songstress for this track about complicated love. Syon adds to the track with his deep voice and silky vibrato, contrasting against Ellie’s soprano voice to create the perfect harmonic duo.

When asked about the song, Ellie Byers states the following:

“I wrote Back Around with the featured artist singer-songwriter Syon. It's a pop-centric duet with R&B undertones about a couple struggling to make it work. Ultimately they know what they have is special, so no matter how many times they call it quits, they always end up back together.”

Both unflinchingly vulnerable and passionately determined, Ellie Byers connects with the broken hearted and those newly in love, in equal measure. Through sultry tones, melodies and lyrics that capture both the beauty and tragedy of love, Ellie hopes to be a source of comfort and redemption for her listeners.

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