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Ellogram & Lauren Ruth Ward Team Up for ‘I Wanna Go’

Sydney bred Ellogram has been creating music in some form of fashion for quite sometime.  When he was 16 he was being courted by the majors, but eventually turned down a deal and opted to continue on his own path.  Dedicating his time to practicing guitar, he soon landed as the front man for Sydney Rock group, St. Leonard’s.  After some success there, Ellogram once again felt there was more to offer and pursued what he found to be his true love – Electronic music.

Now on his own Ellogram found solace in collaboration, bringing his many years as a musician to the table as the foundation of his new project.  In 2016 he initially launched onto the Electronic scene via a collaboration with LA based Rock singer Lauren Ruth Ward titled, “Come Home”.

Fast forward to 2018 and the duo are back once again with their second collaboration, “I Wanna Go”.  The emotional tune finds it’s stride with influences from Trance, Electro and House – with Lauren Ruth Ward delivering a captivating lay vulnerable performance.  The production relies on lush layers of instruments all coming together to create a dreamy wall of sound that is as enchanting as it is thought provoking.  

Lush pads, powerful keys, oscillating delays, pumping drums and interesting synths all come together beneath the vocals to lay the perfect base.  With a slow burning arrangement the track gradually builds up into a driving, atmospheric, euphoria inducing drop.  The dynamic release is perfectly crafted to play on the listeners insecurities and intuition.  This is a jam.

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