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Emerging Singer-Songwriter Matt Hansen Embodies Heartbreak in “It’ll Take Some Time&#822

Need a good breakup song? Singer-songwriter Matt Hansen’s new single “It’ll Take Some Time” should do the trick. Something about his authentic vocal stylings paired with acoustic strums paints the sadness felt when one goes through the cycle of chaotic emotions post-breakup. But Matt also embraces the positives; swept up in the nostalgia of good memories, he sings about the happy reflections of the past.

The beautiful new tracks takes listeners on a journey – you can’t help but think about the breakups you’ve been through and the sadness you’ve felt because of them. But it’s not all doom and gloom; the tracks’ lush soundscapes keep things lighthearted as we listen to Matt’s wonder if he should revisit this relationship or if he’s better off alone.

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