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EMIA Releases Self-Love Anthem "bubbly"

Pop artist EMIA's "bubbly" is the self-love anthem we all need. Presented to you by Vietnamese-American artist EMIA, "bubbly" is inspired by the desire to be your own best friend. By teasing potential suitors with a worthwhile question "What exactly can you do for me that I can't do?" we are given sass, confidence and a dose of her goofy personality over energetic synths and drum patterns that'll have you on the dance floor all night. Embracing her own independence, EMIA is never afraid to raise her standards.

Brooklyn-based, the young singer-songwriter has a slew of impressive singles under her belt. Having been featured in Logitech's for Creators Campaign as well as Netflix's "Ronny Chienge Takes Chinatown", there is no stopping this versatile artist and "bubbly" proves that she knows her worth. Having earned millions of streams across all services, EMIA has been featured on Spotify editorial playlists as well as Starbuck's official "Coffeehouse Pop". So grab a coffee, get your weekend pants on, and throw on EMIA's "bubbly" because you are worth it!

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