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Enter the World of Drew ofthe Drew

I have to be honest with you… when first heard this track from Drew ofthe Drew, all I thought was, “Dafuq is this“.  It literally sounds like nothing I am used to and I wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing.  After a couple of listens I finally decided… it is most definitely a good thing.

With over a million new releases a month on Apple Music (mind-boggling right?) it is harder than ever for an artist to cut through the clutter.  The key is taking risks, being original, and pushing boundaries – and that is exactly what Drew ofthe Drew is doing.

To set off the release of his new album Drewbix Cube (great title) he released the lead single, “Putting in the Time“, featuring his Funk Soul brother Caleb Hawley (no relation).  This incredible mashup of 80’s vibes and glitched out Electronica has been in heavy rotation in my headphones ever since.

As if the track itself wasn’t funky enough, the release came along with an equally mind bending visual treatment.  I won’t even take the time to explain further… just wait and see.  Catch the video and a quick Q&A with Drew ofthe Drew below. 

RDFO: How long have you been creating music as DrewoftheDrew?

DrewDrew ofthe Drew has always been my main project. At first there was a band, but now the band, and my music as a producer, are separate projects. I guess I have been making music as Drew ofthe Drew since I was recording songs to a little tape deck in middle school. It’s an ever evolving sound! 

RDFO: What is it exactly that inspires to make music in this lane?

DrewThe main thing that inspires me to make music like this is just the idea that it doesn’t exist yet. There is so much cool music coming out these days with soundscapes that feel like they are from 2356 or something. It’s a producers dreamland. I like to use that modern color with the old school type of funk that I have always been into like Prince, Michael Jackson, James brown, things like that. Those have always been the clearest elements in my music, and that is where I find my voice.

RDFO: You have a very unique sound, who are some of your biggest inspirations?

DrewPrince is my #1. It’s hard to say what comes in second place, because Prince’s music has always been so special and inspiring to me. I love music from the late 70’s and early 80’s, like Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind & Fire, and James Brown even before that.  I’m always about things that have a good groove and a catchy baseline. When electronic music started to become more popular, I really resonated with it because it’s all about the drums and bass. There are so many producers out these days, its hard to pick favorites, but I love Skrillex and so many OWSLA artists, Flume, Koan Sound, and a million more I can’t think of. 

RDFO: How did the collab with Caleb come about?

DrewCaleb is the man. Ever since I first saw him play I knew he had the funk in his bones. A few of my friends play in his band, and so once we met up, we had lots of music that we wanted to work on with each other, and this is just one of many. He is a super fun dude to work with, and I’m so stoked to see what we come up with in the future.

RDFO: How did you come up with your name.

DrewThe name comes from ones of my friends who was in a ‘History of the Middle East’ class. There is a people called the Druz, and she started calling me Drew ofthe Druz, which became, Drew ofthe Drew, and it stuck. It’s still cracks me up to this day, so I don’t see it changing any time soon! 

RDFO: Tell us a bit about the new album.

DrewThe album is called ‘Drewbix Cube’ and it’s available now on virtually every listening platform. It’s a collection of a few older songs that need a place to live, as well as some hot off the press beats and collabs that I did specifically for the album. I really enjoyed making it, and I hope everyone can have a good time listening to it. 

RDFO: Anything else you want our readers to know?

DrewThis is the first of many videos that will be coming out to support the album! At least 3 more are in the pipeline right now, and will be out in the coming months. You can keep up with all of these things on Instagram and Twitter @drewofthedrew as well as Youtube and Facebook. Thanks so much to RockDafuqOut for helping me spread the word, and to anyone who took the time to listen and read. YOU ROCK!

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