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Erik Nordblad Regains His Power On “Calling Out”

Many of us have found ourselves on the brink of breaking down, feeling powerless and at the point of giving up, but there’s always a sliver of hope for those things we’d do anything to fight for. Erik Nordblad captures this crestfallen, yet passionate, vindication on his latest single “Calling Out.”

The melancholy tune carries a sense of hope in the midst of an underlying sadness. Filled with simple drums and haunting electric guitar riffs, the simplicity of these elements allow a looming brightness to infiltrate every corner of the song, giving it a sense of meaningful direction. The production builds just enough to carry a nice drive in the tune while also making room for Nordblad’s gorgeous vocals. Crisp and clear, the vocals pack emotion into every word. The vibrato on particular words feel intentional, but also like a slight tremble, conveying that strong desire to regain strength in the presence of disparity. Nordblad can relate to this, as he struggled to find joy in music the last year, sharing:

“At first, music was a way for me to reflect and sort things out, for myself. I now realize that I can actually influence and help other people, and for me, that feels important. That’s what motivates me and what keeps me making new music.”

Erik Nordblad is a Swedish singer-songwriter who is at his best when holding a guitar. Music has always been a constant presence in his life, choosing to play his guitar instead of studying during his high school years. It was then he discovered he wanted to make music forever. With over 3 million streams worldwide, Erik Nordblad’s music is a mix of the Swedish melancholy forest and beautiful melodic tunes of love.

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