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Esbie Fonte Is Back With Another Haunting Tune ‘Veins’

While multi-talented LA transplant Esbie Fonte prepares to unleash her new EP, she has been busy keeping fans hooked.  While we brought you, “Rosie”, just last month, she has continued to tease the new project with even more captivating tunes.

On, “Veins”, Esbie Fonte self-reflects while an upbeat self produced groove floats beneath.  Described as peculiar dark Pop, there is no denying that she is creating music from a raw and unadulterated place deep within her soul.  A bit chaotic in nature, “Veins”, is all pulled together thanks to lush layers of vocals that soar above the mix and put any uneasy feelings to rest. 

With one more single prepped before the EP launch, I have no doubt that the project will be chock full of goodness.

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