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Etaoin’s Debut Single “Bedroom Walls” is a shockingly intimate experience of self

Etaoin makes a stunning debut with her first ever single “Bedroom Walls”, the first track off of her upcoming EP and if an indication of her future trajectory promises a bright future for the Irish songwriter. With the structure of a classic folk song, “Bedroom Walls” breaks free of all tradition in its intimacy and harsh realism. 

Having grown up the crown jewel of the competitive Irish music scene, winning every adult category before puberty, Etaoin has already proved her undeniable talent. However, in her debut single, Etaoin proves that even champions can be underestimated. “Bedroom Walls” is a hauntingly beautiful realization that some of the most meaningful conversations we have are with ourselves. Having come about from breakups and heartache, Etaoin is conscious that our burdens plague us even harder in solitude, but sometimes that is what you need. In describing “Bedroom Walls”, the Irish songwriter notes “there’s a sense of waiting for my old self to come back. Not only waiting for someone else, but for yourself at the same time; wanting to be in contact with someone through lyrics, but not actually facing it.” 

Sonically, Etaoin’s vocal presence fluctuates in proximity. At moments she is whispering in the listeners ear as though she is a voice in their head, a part of them, then is suddenly pacing around the room and bubbling in energy as though she is searching for an escape. These relationships she creates with the listener are intimate and at some moments even a bit jarring, beckoning to be heard and understood to the fullest extent. Furthermore, “Bedroom Walls” is a breakthrough for this particular genre of singer-songwriters because of its raw and unwavering honesty. Etaoin describes her thought process behind “Bedroom Walls”, illuminating that “a lot of people try to make their lyrics really pretty, but it‘s the real ugly shit that gets me the most. The stuff that really plunges into you and hits you right in the guts. I want my music to be that voice through your headphones when you can’t really talk to your friends about it; a reminder that even though it might be 3am in your bedroom and your whole house is quiet, you’re never truly alone.”

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