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Etoile Marley Gets Us Vibing With Fresh EP ‘LockItDown’

Etoile Marley is back with a bang to resurrect our good vibes this winter. Having just released her debut EP ‘LockItDown,’ this up and coming artist is on a path of total airwave domination. Etoile Marley, a singer-songwriter based in London, is making waves in the DIY music scene with her unique blend of pop, hip-hop and bluesy rock. Previously a dancer, actor and circus performer, Etoile founded a dance and circus business “Beebop Arts”, teaching and performing nationally and internationally. Including fronting an all french gypsy jazz band for 5 years ‘Madame Andrée’. Utilising every inch of her vast experience, Etoile Marley is exploding onto the scene with her debut EP rich with the vibrance and confidence that radiates from the exciting new musician. 

‘LockItDown’ is a sensational selection of six songs from Etoile. The whole body of work is swimming with pop inflections and hip-hop hints, as Etoile’s dynamic vocals shine through all the while. The extensive experience of producer Academic is evident throughout the EP as he sculpts a soundscape suited to the sultry singing of Etoile. The title track ‘LockItDown’ kicks off this electric EP with an explosive energy. Speaking on this infectious bop Etoile says:

“The title track encompasses my feeling about being in lock down and trying to maintain a positive attitude, despite the craziness of what the whole world is going through in 2020.”

It’s no doubt Etoile is spreading those good vibes in headphones all over the country as the ‘LockItDown’ EP racks up thousands of streams in the past month alone. Bursting with energy, introspection and intricate lyricism, ‘LockItDown’ might just be exactly what we were looking for to get us vibing again into next year. 

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Listen to ‘LockItDown’ On SPOTIFY HERE

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