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Euan Allison, the multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Scotland has released his latest single, “Fatherhood.” An ode to the feelings, fears, and hopes of being a father, Allison’s new single is a heartfelt promise from father to offspring, that regardless of the different hardships in this world, they will always be there to help see you through. “Fatherhood” was written as a pitch for a NETFLIX show of the same name. In the show and song, a father is left to deal with the loss of a mother and all of the fallout left in the wake.

Fatherhood,” written from the perspective of the father, is about being there for the child through not only the loss of their mother, but also through all of the experiences that will be shaped by this earth-shattering loss. It is a tremendous undertaking to raise a child, alone, but with the added layer of helping them cope with a loss that will make every experience from that point on different from most others, it is important to make your presence and support known. The lyrics of “Fatherhood” do just that. “Their might be long nights and many tears ahead…and if you fee like you’re about to lose your grip… I’ll never let you fall down” and “just know that we’re in this together, and yea, it could be better but you’re the reason I’m still around” are just some of the lyrics throughout the entire song that illustrate the love and support of this father for his child.

A soft piano melody tie the emotionality of the song together with the lyrics and also deliver an Alt/Pop song that is quite familiar to the genre being played on the radio today.

Fatherhood is co-written by UK based actor Tom Taylor, and Dutch artist Adriaan Persons (pianist of the band Rondé). This single will be a part of Euan’s upcoming EP being released later in the year. A product of the artist who grew up in Orkney moving to Glasgow to pursue music. Growing up playing violin/fiddle, Euan eventually found himself producing dance music. Finally, after returning to his roots he gave singing and songwriting a try, resulting in 4 single tracks and an up-coming EP.

Euan Allison has created a vulnerable, melodic sound that transcends the airwaves through your ears and into your heart after the success of his 3 previous singles that reached over 5 million streams. Including editorial playlists such as “The Most Beautiful Songs in the World”, “Zuhause”, “Easy”, “Sanfter Pop”, and more.. Be sure to expect more great music from the UK based artist.

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